Our evening routine

Have you been keeping up with #justherChristmas? If you haven’t you sure are missing out. But you can change that by subscribing right here, and you will be able to catch up with the series and all the videos that I have been putting up.

We are doing Vlogmas!!!

Can you feel my excitement? So this year I decided to be a little bit extra on the channel and add an extra video every week for this festive season. I have been working hard on topics that cover base for my channel so best believe that it’s going to be lit.

A gem in Diani

If you haven’t already realized from my Instagram posts, I could be slowly turning into an island/ a beach babe faster than I actually thought. The obsession is actually real, so real that I can dare say Diani is my absolute favorite place.

I took an Instagram break

So I took a social media cleanse this weekend. To be absolutely honest and ๐Ÿ’ฏ transparent I was tired. I talked a little about my exhaustion here. So after my regular Friday posting I exited the platform.

Exploring our relationship

A new post is probably the new way I get to remind you that the weekend is here. Hope you are having a good time really. Because the monthly gratitude diary is coming up, I will save my emotions for that one. Meanwhile have you caught up with the gratitude series?

Easy bun style for a Lazy natural

We are back to some hair videos…Except this time its a little throw back. This video that I am sharing today is so dear to me. I recorded it two years ago when I first thought that I should startย  a channel. A lot of things didn’t align so I ended up abandoning the whole…

BuKe deep conditioning mask….worth it?

Am I the only one who gets excited by new stuff? I can almost swear that I am the perfect consumer for all the influencer stuff out there. You can imagine how excited I was when I got my hands on this product. They had such a massive social media campaign

October Gratitude Diary

Can you believe that I forgot all about this series? I have been really swamped with life and to be very honest, I am not in the very best of places right now. a little bit anxious and disappointed in life….. but that is a story for another day.