Month: March 2016

1 year in

Hey loves, I thought this was a good place to start. I have just marked my one year natural nappiversary. I started this journey last year in February when I was tired of having my ends so thin, and so I quit heating my hair.

23 things at 23

 Heyy everyone… So its birthday month! Yey! Really excited (a bit less excited actually) it’s more like thankful to be marking yet another year. I have been thinking that I should start getting my health game strong and other related good goals ( am I the only one who has all this panicky thoughts as I grow older?).  Today though, I thought to share … Read More 23 things at 23

The Genesis…

Heyy lovelies… I’m Nyake (aka hershtagmakini/her) an you probably have met me before in I’m the female voice. (now you know). If we haven’t met though, I’m so glad that we finally get to meet here. I’m 5ft 4” a little chubby andkinda chilled girl/young woman musing about life.