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Hey loves,

I thought this was a good place to start. I have just marked my one year natural nappiversary.

I started this journey last year in February when I was tired of having my ends so thin, and so I quit heating my hair. Initially, I was a straight hair addict, I loved my hair bone straight, the process of getting my hair there was damaging to my hair. So I embarked on a six month no heat challenge that was both stressful and exciting though. I’d basically co-wash my hair every week and deep condition before setting my hair into two strand twists for the week.

Every other week, I would do a sort of updo to give my hair a change from the protective style. I dropped shampoos along the way and took up co-washing and basically used products without parabens, sulphates and silicones. I did a length check after month six i.e in August and though I hadn’t gained much length, my volume was significant… and don’t we all love big hair

The next six months I undertook a sort of challenge of eating right and trying to maintain a healthy body to see how this would go down with my hair. This saw me dropping lots of junk, excess sugar and incorporating supplements. I took zinc supplements and also brewer’s yeast to get my vitamin B balance right. I also wore my hair out a little more doing more puffs and pseudo buns than I can remember.

I reviewed my regimen and adjusted my wash days to after two weeks with a rinse in between of either vinegar or black tea. I also re-incorporated sulphates and silicones into my regimen… using suphate shampoos once in every eight weeks and co-washing the rest of the times.

In March I had my nappiversary and here is the big reveal.

How has your natural hair journey been?

Love and love


23 things at 23

Heyy everyone…

So its birthday month! Yey! Really excited (a bit less excited actually) it’s more like thankful to be marking yet another year. I have been thinking that I should start getting my health game strong and other related good goals ( am I the only one who has all this panicky thoughts as I grow older?). Today though, I thought to share with you a few of my lessons in chapter twenty three of life and hopefully I can encourage someone in a similar phase of life. So as usual, grab a drink… like healthy herbal tea, and sit on your favourite chair and let us unpack herstagmakini’s twenty third chapter.

In a nutshell chapter twenty three has been one of those chapters that evoke mixed feelings. A lot of learning, a whole lot…and we all know that some lessons are hard while some are easy. Others take time and hurt for you to fully grasp but in the end you finally get it and emerge a stronger person. A lot of fun as well, with friends, with B and family; getting to appreciate and learn different personalities. I compiled a list of 23 things I learnt in my twenty third year:

1.Life is unfair… in a fair-ish way…

Not everything goes the way I wish and sometimes I don’t even power to change it. That’s okay, be happy with what I have.

2. Celebrate those who love me…..not everyone does.

Learn to see your cheer squad and embrace them.

3.Heap hot coals on their heads.

So many mean people in the world? It’s okay… Don’t be mean as well but rather be nice to them. If they are aggressive …avoid them.

4.ME time is important.

Get some time to absorb things, my emotions… to stock take and work on me… just me

5.SILENCE is golden…

In times of anger and extreme displeasure or congregations of those that rather make conversations about others… instead of projecting words in their raw and unpleasant form, walking away and silence do the trick.

6.ARGUMENTS are silly…

It’s more of a display of ego rather than an attempt to solve a problem.

7.Empty my emotional bottle often….

It may tip one day and a breakdown will happen.

8.Try not to care… just try

Or rather be careful who I listen to. Some people are there to shoot me down…

9.PRAY… talk to HIM

It HELPS a lot. HE always listens, always…. HE listens to everything.

10.Talking to someone doesn’t always help…

Be careful who I talk to… I may be setting myself up for disappointment… like secret spilling?

11.Be easy on myself…

I am also allowed to make mistakes… and learn from them.

12.Love and love 100%….

Like there is no tomorrow….that is the only way I will fully experience love, by giving it.

13.It’s okay to cry not everyone understands you

Tears cleanse the soul, so cry it all out, and express myself.

14.Avoiding toxic people is beneficial for your health

Toxic people can be anyone, who puts you down… it may be in their nature and that is okay. I don’t have to entertain them.

15.Don’t be scared to make decisions…

Some may be hard, real hard… but it’s okay, I’m the only one who can shape my life.

16.Face the consequences as well…

Be ready not to be as liked, to be talked about… just be ready for everything that comes with my decision.

17.Beauty is much more than external…

Nothing beats a gentle honest spirit… a nice person. So strive to be true to myself and very honest with everyone around.

18.Do something for others

It is very fulfilling to see B or mum smile and know that I’, the reason behind it…

19.Choose your battles…

Not every friendship, association, goal or dream is worth fighting for… some may just waste my energy.

20.Self-discovery is a process…

And with every process there is pain, tears, happiness, excitement and disappointment… just enjoy the process.

21Exposing yourself is your duty…

Grab those opportunities that are thrown at me… nobody can do that for me.

22.Think highly of yourself…

An independent mind is the best thing I can do to myself

23.Have fun… its never that serious.

Yes… enjoy living every single day, or at least try.

love and love,


The Genesis…

Heyy lovelies…

I’m Nyake (aka hershtagmakini/her) an you probably have met me before in hashtagmakini.blogspot.com. I’m the female voice. (now you know). If we haven’t met though, I’m so glad that we finally get to meet here. I’m 5ft 4” a little chubby andkinda chilled girl/young woman musing about life.

Welcome to my blog… that safe space where we get to talk about health, food, hair and all things fun!! I love to write, and express my feelings especially through things that I am passionate about which are currently: relationships, healthy hair and healthy diet as well. So you can guess that this will definitely be a documentation of my journey and experiences with health and hair. I’m so excited to have you join me in this platform and I hope we shall be doing this together as well.

Join me as we unravel the mystery (or not) that is a healthy living.

love and love


1 year in

Hey loves,

I thought this was a good place to start. I have just marked my one year natural nappiversary.

I started this journey last year in February when I was tired of having my ends so thin, and so I quit heating my hair.

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