1 year in

Hey loves,

I thought this was a good place to start. I have just marked my one year natural nappiversary.

I started this journey last year in February when I was tired of having my ends so thin, and so I quit heating my hair. Initially, I was a straight hair addict, I loved my hair bone straight, the process of getting my hair there was damaging to my hair. So I embarked on a six month no heat challenge that was both stressful and exciting though. I’d basically co-wash my hair every week and deep condition before setting my hair into two strand twists for the week.

Every other week, I would do a sort of updo to give my hair a change from the protective style. I dropped shampoos along the way and took up co-washing and basically used products without parabens, sulphates and silicones. I did a length check after month six i.e in August and though I hadn’t gained much length, my volume was significant… and don’t we all love big hair

The next six months I undertook a sort of challenge of eating right and trying to maintain a healthy body to see how this would go down with my hair. This saw me dropping lots of junk, excess sugar and incorporating supplements. I took zinc supplements and also brewer’s yeast to get my vitamin B balance right. I also wore my hair out a little more doing more puffs and pseudo buns than I can remember.

I reviewed my regimen and adjusted my wash days to after two weeks with a rinse in between of either vinegar or black tea. I also re-incorporated sulphates and silicones into my regimen… using suphate shampoos once in every eight weeks and co-washing the rest of the times.

In March I had my nappiversary and here is the big reveal.

How has your natural hair journey been?

Love and love