Yummy fried rice!!!!

Picture this: A HOLIDAY!! Isn’t that the time when everyone gets to brunch? yaay! Well if you are in this season, I have the perfect idea for you…Fried rice!!

This recipe has been a favorite of mine and I’m so excited to share it with you!!


-rice (duh)

-onions (diced)

-tomatoes (chopped)

-carrots (grated)

-coriander (chopped)

-your preferred powder spices

The best rice to use is already cooked leftovers especially that which has been refrigerated.


-Fry the onions to your satisfaction. then add the tomatoes and let them fry until they are all mashed up into a thick soup consistency.This is also the best time to salt and spice the mixture. i like to use curry powder and cinnamon and a bit of cayenne pepper. Add the rice and mix well.

-Add the carrots and stir. leave for about two minutes then finally top it with the coriander. Mix well and voila! you are done.

SERVE with just about any soup or just gulp it down with some green tea like me.!!!

and of course pack some to share with the bae.

love and love