Protective styling | natural hair

Hey loves,

I am just over a year a year natural…more like just over a year of being heat free and salon free. I finally resolved to quit having people handle my hair (mostly because I didn’t have a single person who could handle unblowdried hair.)

So how did that go…

I woke up one morning, after about a month of trying to figure out what I needed and walked into Super cosmetics and picked up Cantu leave in conditioner, made a spray bottle mix and after washing my hair,I applied Cantu and began twisting my hair. Just like that, two strand twists became my go to protective style.

I kept them in for a week, then switched with and updo the following week so that my hair could get to rest then switch back to twists. Doing my hair became my weekend plot. This was of course until I discovered that with good care I could keep the twists in for two weeks… this was pretty much the first six months of my journey. Between me and you tho: there are times when frustration took a hold of me and I just fluffed my fro and walked out of the door.





The Result….

I did a mini length check at the end of month six, and while length wasn’t as significant, I got volume and volume for days.





In the second half of the year…

I embraced the fro, wore it out more often. I learnt the art of doing my puffs, or at least I think so. They became my friend. (I secretly like them because they are easy to put together and usually look so nice effortlessly.) I also wore my two strand twists or did updos to supplement my puffs so that my edges could be spared the strain.





The Result…

I gained volume again, and length…. More than the times I used to regularly heat and braid my hair.

I have been craving extensions of late, I’m not sure I will yield just yet. I am currently extremely content with being able to handle my hair by myself.

What are your favourite protective styles?

love and love