Hello loves,

Saying that I have missed being here is an understatement. Really wanted to be around, but I have been so busy here there and everywhere. Let’s just say, life happened but I am back and hopefully to share all that my journey has taught me. How have you been?

One of the most fulfilling things in life is coming to the realization that simplicity is the cure to most of life’s problems. Life as it is, is hard enough and being very up-tight about life only serves to make unpleasant even the more.


Simplicity is being content with who you are, loving every inch of you. Now don’t get me wrong, contentment doesn’t mean that you sit and stop improving. It just means that you be happy with yourself and appreciate where you are right now and see it as an opportunity to become greater by the day.

Simplicity is appreciating the little things in life, like the smile from the stranger, or the thoughtful text from your friend to wish you a nice day. It could be the call from your friend or the bouquet of flowers from the bae.


Simplicity is accepting people as they are and choosing to see the best in them. Choosing to make peace with their weaknesses and celebrating their strengths. Being absolutely cool with them and harnessing positive energy from them.

Simplicity is knowing that you are not perfect and too good. It is being able to learn something new each day as pertaining to life, from old and young alike. Appreciating that everyone has something to teach you no matter how much they don’t look like it.


Simplicity is understanding that life starts from the bottom. Accepting your current financial situation and taking it as a motivation to work even harder to realize your dreams. It is refusing to want to match up and compare yourself with others, refusing to get caught up in the evils of trying to look like other people. Simplicity is refusing the problematic cash dishes from the sponsor because you understand that you should work for your own money.

Simplicity is loving the bae, putting your future to perspective and working together towards it. It is letting her/him achieve their goals and hearts desires. It is loving them for who they are rather than who you think they should be.


Simplicity is an attitude. An attitude that sees life differently, an attitude that views situations positively. The smile at the end of a bad situation, the belief that everything will fall into place finally.


Simplicity is being un-apologetically you.