My hair regimen

I have been natural all my life really but I just began minding my hair about one year five months ago. Its been quite an experience and an interesting.

One of the major things / tasks you embark on is to then come up with a regimen that will make it easy  for you to cope with the seemingly new lifestyle. I shall share with you mine and hopefully it will help.

So when I started I  decided to go heat free for six months. This is how I coped with it.


  1. -co-wash with conditioner
  2. -deep condition
  3. -style hair in two strand twists
  4. – Alternate between twisting hair and having hair in an up-do


  1. -shampoo hair and condition
  2. -deep condition

Then after school began, I made slight changes in my regimen. I began to stretch my wash day two weeks apart and shampoo my hair less.

Also I incorporated protein deep conditioners, henna glosses and lately, bentonite clay also made its way into my regimen as well. I have seen lots of progress with my hair as far as length and volume are concerned.

My current hair regimen is:


  • -moisturize and seal


  • -co-wash with conditioner
  • -deep condition
  • -style hair in two strand twists
  • – alternate between twisting hair and having hair in an up-do. (I also wear my hair out a lot these days)


  • -shampoo hair and condition (I can stretch my shampoo days to six weeks)
  • -deep condition with a protein conditioner
  • -Do a henna gloss treatment

(I have begun to supplement my shampoo with bentonite clay and my hair loves it.)

What is your hair regimen? Do you love it? I’d love to hear what you say.

 Love and love


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