Me time routine


So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I love to pamper myself. I do it more frequently now because my body has been and still is under so much pressure to perform such strenuous tasks (i.e project things). One would think that pampering has to be so expensive but contrary to most opinions, it doesn’t have to. This post is just about to show you how I achieve my pampering sessions at home by myself and in an inexpensive way.

Before that though, its important to note that pampering is a good way to relax your body and help it to get rid of the bad stuff.

BODY SCRUBS are a great way to exfoliate the skin which gets rid of the dead cells. It also helps in circulation of blood which means your skin is more nourished. Since the skin is the most peripheral organ of the body, often it doesn’t get enough blood due to various factors of lifestyle and so it’s actually cool to conjure proper circulation. Did I mention how well your skin absorbs moisture after a good scrub?

MASSAGES are also a great way to help boost circulation and great for relaxation as well. The best part about this is if someone (i.e. your significant other) is doing it for you, it’s a great way to bond as well ey? *insert cheeky emoji*. Also, who likes to have a scalp massage? It is actually great for hair growth as well.

SALT BATHS are absolutely relaxing as well. You don’t have to have a bath tub, you could make a salt scrub (for the shower peoples) or add some to your hot bucket showers. Also soaking your feet in salty water is a great way to relax your feet especially after a long walk in heels. (can I get an amen somebody?)

I pamper once to twice a week simply because I can and it has also been kind of chilly which has necessitated the warm baths and body scrubs even more just to keep the body up for the cold weather. This is how I do it,

I either: -PREPOO SCRUB with my DIY coco-carb scrub

-wash my face with African black soap

-scrub my face then use a mask

-take a bucket bath with my shower gel

-rinse out my scrub


Or :

-Do my facial routine

-take a bucket bath with my shower gel

-scrub with a store bought scrub

– rinse out the scrub


Then; -wear your cotton pyjamas

-Get your cup of tea… hot tea

-Grab your favourite book (or if you are like me, a coloring book)

-Get into your sheets and or bean bag.

Have a relaxed day, won’t you?

How else do you pamper yourself / relax?

Love and love