The Puff life

Hey lovelies,

Any natural will tell you that this is probably the go-to style. It literally turns the messiest of hairs into the prettiest in a matter of seconds (or is it minutes?). I have done a couple of puffs since my hair was a bit shorter and the learning curve is great.

So lets talk about this look spotted in this blog post here. Yes the bantu knot out puff.

After I washed my hair in my two week old mini twists, and they were dry I decided to take them down and rock a twist out puff which, FAILED miserably. The puff wasn’t giving me the life I wanted. So, I decided to detangle and moisturise my hair after two days of rocking the twist out puff.

I then set my hair into bantu knots and allowed them to dry overnight. The next day was glorious!! The hair!!! So much definition and so much life!! (the vanity that went on though)

MORAL OF THE STORY: your kinks will make you very happy when you understand them!! So here is the final look.