Henna glossing for hair growth

So henna is amazing yea? You have read a lot about it and you really want to try it out. But you don’t want to colour your hair. This may just be your solution… a henna gloss. I had wanted to try henna for a while after reading about its amazing benefits from the natural hair community. In fact my first deep conditioner promised me henna benefits so I was really excited about it.(I also want it back. Anyone knows where I can find this?)

I was a little nervous though because I just didn’t want any colour on my strands… no thank you! So after reading lots of different articles… I settled for a henna gloss!! So I shall share my experience and basically hoe I use the glossing method.

Let’s start by making sure that the henna we are using is 100% body art quality. If your pack says so, then lets proceed. I’m learning also that the bigger the henna particles, the more stressful it is to rinse it out in the shower. I learnt it the hard way!! You may want to sieve yours!

What you will need:

  • Conditioner
  • Henna powder
  • Oils (optional)
  • A mixing bowl

What to do:

I usually eyeball the ingredients to my desired consistency, though I never really found a recipe (or is it formula) that had exact measurement

  • So in the mixing bowl, put your henna powder.
  • Add conditioner bit by bit stirring thoroughly to attain even mixture
  • Add the ingredients to your heart’s content.


  • Starting with freshly washed hair, carefully apply mixture on your strands giving extra love to your ends
  • Wrap your hair in a shower cap/ plastic bag and sit with it for about an hour or more if you wish
  • Then RINSE and RINSE and RINSE it out. (I can promise you it is hard work)
  • Then IMPORTANTLY deep condition your hair with a moisturising Deep Conditioner.

Just like that, your henna gloss is complete. sorry I don’t have pics of the after hair look though you can check in Curlynikki.com.

Ps: i do not do this very often!!!

So, have you ever tried a henna gloss? What was your experience?

Love and love