Vegan Challenge!!!

Hey lovelies, happy Monday!! Hope your week is off to a smashing start! If it isn’t smashing yet, things are bound to get better partly because we are going to take part in a challenge. I’m excited! In about five days, we begin a 21day vegan challenge. That should be October 1st.

So why vegan challenge? Apart from me having a penchant for trying new things, it is also a good base for me to vary my options. I have always wanted to embrace a fully plant based diet because of the numerous benefits I have heard. My ideal goal though is to be able to eat a fully raw diet because hey I want to look 40 when I am 80 and most importantly really function like a 40 year old (ride bikes and all).

This post though is not about why I am taking part in this challenge but rather to invite y’all to try it out for yourself. Depending on who you are this may just be the major leap you have to try something absolutely out of your comfort zone (pst… all the folk who actually write new year’s resolutions, remember saying you would try something new?). this for others may be the path to a healthy lifestyle especially if you detoured along the way. The reasons for joining could be varied, but we all can do this hey?

So here are some of the stuff about the challenge you need to know:

  • The challenge runs for 21 days from October 1st

  • You can eat anything, that doesn’t have origins from an animal. So no milk, meat, eggs, cheese butter e.t.c.

  • If you like you may opt for healthy cooking methods but this is optional

I hope I didn’t scare you already… Because it may be a challenge to decide or know what to eat during this period, my good friend Diana (the brain behind this challenge) created a support group where we share meal ideas and lots of good info on vegan substitutes for meat and achieving a balanced vegan diet with dashes of encouragement.

If you want to participate in the challenge and to join the group, please add Diana Onyonyi as your facebook friend and send her a message asking to join the challenge and she will definitely add you to the group.

Let’s do this…

Love and sunshine,