A mud wash?

When we were growing up, our mothers probably charged us to stay away from anything perceived as muddy or mud. Well turns out that while mud could make our clothes dirty, it can be very very beneficial as well. Think about it with me for a second, where did our ancestors get shampoo to wash their hair? See that? We can’t exactly say they didn’t have long amazing locks either. I imagine that they probably used this particular mud.

The mud I am talking about is Bentonite Clay which is the one I have used. I have read of rhassoul clay being as well and probably a preferred option to some. I have seen at least two kinds of the bentonite clay, one that I got from CoCo Mac organics which was grey-ish an my second batch that I got from Ngara which was yellow orange-ish in colour. Depending on where you get it, the prices may range from about 300-100 per 100 grams.

If you google bentonite clay, you will find its numerous benefits including those of detoxing both the skin and the body…(yes people actually ingest that stuff)… and various type four naturals post of how gently cleansing it is, specifically highlighting how it does not dry and tangle your hair like most shampoos. Also it is said to clamp your curls exceptionally well making your curls pop.

After mentioning clay in an earlier post I got a question asking about its use…and so I will go ahead and share how I make use of it.


  • Clay
  • Water
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
  • Mixing bowl and spoon


  • Make sure the bowls and spoons you use are not metallic. This clay usually cleanses metals so you don’t want the metals impurities dumped to your hair. You may use glass, wood or plastic
  • Depending on the consistency you want mix ACV, water and the clay beating it every time to ensure fine mixture


  • Parting your hair in sections begin by applying on one section gently smoothing it into your strands using the praying hands method.
  • Repeat for each section until the whole head is covered
  • You may also use this mask for the face…its awesome!!!
  • Wait until its mostly dry… it may take anywhere from about 1 hour


  • Carefully and thoroughly rinse out the mud from your hair…. And enjoy your hair
  • Follow it up with a conditioner preferably a deep conditioning

And that’s it. Easy right?

What has been your experience with Clay washes? I would love to know!

Love and love


**EDITED TO ADD: A lot of speculations on the benefits of clay are not based on scientific study. Take it as a fun addition to your hair care and not a staple