Skin Care:- tips and tricks + routine

Hello people, happy hump day! Hope your week is cool so far. I have been having connection challenges and also device challenges which has made it quite difficult to post as often as I would have liked. That said, we are here so we can as well have a little skin care session today. Of course you have heard that your skin is the largest organ in your body a million and one times before. This makes it very crucial to our being because lots of stuff that get into our bodies will pas through the skin. (part of the reason relaxers are a no-no) thus taking care of our skin is absolutely important.

Apart from being a very relaxing habit, going to the spa is very beneficial for detoxing to our bodies through the skin! (yes I just gave you one more reason to be vain lol). Since spas can be super expensive for us to go (or go as often as we like) I shared with you my pampering routine that I do at home that has the benefits of a sps #homespa. Also baths can be a super excellent way to achieve this detoxing, especially herb  infused baths (like Epsom salt baths), but I digress.

So today we are all about our facial skin health. I must also state that I am no licensed cosmetologist or professional, and I simply present what I believe in, read about and have experienced and has worked for me. I have what could be classified as an oily skin and resultantly is very acne prone. I have had acne since I was 9 years old and still battle with break outs every now and then. So yeah, no flawless skin, in fact I have no recollection whatsoever of flawless skin in my life ever.

Anyway, so here is the skin regimen that has worked for me so far.


  • Wash face with either black soap you can get it here/ bebble wash gel (I got this in Nakumatt on sale, it is a mild baby wash)

  • Pat face dry with tissue or paper towel. ( TIP 1: If you have acne prone skin, towels may serve to transfer germs back to your face so a disposable towel works better)

  • Apply moisturiser.  (TIP 2: Aloe Vera gel is a great moisturiser for acne prone skin, it soothes the skin and has great healing properties. It also is for from chemicals which is a plus for your system!! Win!!)

  • Seal in the moisture. (TIP 3: Shea butter is a great alternative to Vaseline (and petroleum products. It also has great healing properties for the acne scars and wounds. It isn’t as greasy by the way!)

And voila, you can walk out the door. If you are a makeup person though, your make up starts here. Ps: read very carefully hat you put on your face, some really harmful ingredients like parabens are in this products and may prove detrimental to your health. If you don’t know why parabens are a problem, Google is your best friend! Try as much as possible to opt for organic products!


  • Cleanse your face/ remove make up. I use a cleanser (that has parabens, because I didn’t know until recently). The streets of Nairobi are so dusty and smoky, you just want to cleanse your face

  • Wash face as you did in the morning.

  • Every other night I like to gently exfoliate my skin using my DIY salt scrub/mask

  • Pat face dry with a paper towel.

  • Moisturise with Aloe Vera gel.

  • Pat some tea tree on problematic spots. (TIP 4: Tea tree is a natural astringent and antibacterial oil. It is excellent for fungal infections and acne among others. You may want to dilute it with a carrier oil.)

  • Seal in the moisture with Shea butter.


  • Change pillowcase.  (TIP 5: the pillowcase harbours oils and gulk from your face. Changing it as often means you don’t pick up dirt from it )

  • Steam face and have a face spa (TIP 6: Steaming the face opens up the pores of the skin and melts any oils that may be stuck in the pores. It also enables the skin to absorb treatments that you apply on your skin thereafter.)

I will share my face spa in another post, but until then let’s take care of our skin.

Also how does your skin care routine look like? I would love to know.

Love and love


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