Natural hair Journey on a budget!!

Hey loves…

Contrary to many sentiments, your natural hair journey doesn’t have to break your bank. Of course there is that phase of feeling that every product on the shelf should be tried. This though is not the main focus of this post. I thought I would share some product combinations (specifically shampoo and conditioner) that would help you transition into natural hair care smoothly.

The shampoos in this post have sulfates, which means if you opt to use them, pre-pooing is crucial. Also I am assuming that the shampoos will be used once in a month while the rest of the washes will be co-washes. In my journey, I haven’t absolutely discarded sulfate shampoos because they cleanse really well and I sometimes use silicones in my hair…which are best removed by sulfates in shampoos.

The conditioners in this post are silicone free which is a plus, apart from one. The prices indicated are those of retailing stores and this could change anytime.

  • Mikalla low sulphate shampoo and honey butter conditioner Ksh 250-300

I love the scents of both products, I however particularly love the consistency of the conditioner. I bought both at Bestlady cosmetics on River road Nairobi. The shampoo retails at kshs 120-140 and the conditioner retails for 130-150. This is a Kenyan brand too which is super cool. So you could as well start here. They also have a leave in conditioner that is fairly good!! Costs about kshs 250

  • Farmasi exotic shampoo and Tutti Frutti balsam conditioner Ksh 400

Of course the scents are strong and very fruity. Both the shampoo and conditioner cost Kshs 200. They work really well. One wash with the shampoo is sufficient, if you use to much it can be very stripping. The conditioner is also an amazing base for your DIY deep conditioning recipes. These can be found in Nakumatt supermarkets.

  • Alberto balsam shampoo and conditioner Ksh 450

I did a review of the products already that you can read here. Each costs kshs 225 in Nakumatt supermarkets.

  • Suave Naturals coconut shampoo and conditioners Kshs 550

These are my personal favourite because the scents are not that strong but really mild and cozy. The shampoo is very gentle and lathers really well and the conditioners are thick and have a lovely consistency. Each product retails at kshs 275 in Nakumatt supermarket. Chandarana supermarkets also have it. They have been kind of out of stock for a while now though!

Have you used any of these? What products do you use that are cheap?

Love and love