Gentle Reminder

Heyy you!! Yes you reading this… you have gotten to the end of October. Congratulations!! I hope it was not too hard on you…

I’m seated here on my bed typing, and I can’t shut this nudging feeling to put down this gentle reminders not only for you but for me too. You see, I’m currently not having a very relaxed mind, and that is partly because I feel like everybody in the world needs me… and not in a good way. More like in a way that stretches you and really drains you as it were. Technically it shouldn’t bother me, but it’s almost like I should switch off my phone and almost take a communication cleanse (which I will eventually, right now they may be some pressing matters preventing me from doing so)

You are enough… yes you are enough… you actually need to believe this. Sometimes in a quest to make a couple of people happy, you forget that you are actually more than enough. You are smart, you are beautiful and you are unique which is your greatest asset.


You will always be too much of something to someone, and it is not necessarily a bad thing, make peace with that. Everyone definitely has an opinion, and is entitled to one just as much as you are entitled to the choice of whether to take it or not.


You need time for yourself as well… to unwind, to release and to recharge. Nobody feeds fro am empty source, and in order for you to be as awesome and as effective as you ought, you need to take time off. That spa, that gym, that forest or that silent retreat, just for you. Don’t allow yourself to be drained by family or friends or your relationships… take time off.

Learn to say NO (note to self). Know when you can’t do it, it is okay to be tired or to have too much to do. It is okay not to want to see people and to recoil and cocoon and think about life.


SMILE often… even if it is the smile after slaying your hair and you are pouting and goofing on the mirror. Try and build joy from within and resist the urge to lapse into negativity. Keep up positive vibes and cut off negative influence.


DREAM big… it is okay to do so… PUSH yourself to achieve the dreams you have set… overcome the urge to be complacent and stay CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT!!



Most of all, try each and everyday to love and appreciate who you are, and what you do to make the world a better place for someone.

Love and love