3 Teas that may save your skin

Hello loves,

So a month ago I went on another readscapade to try get a solution for my acne. I shared with you a while ago my skin routine that attempts to keep my acne at bay. That hasn’t changed much though I tweaked it a little to add teas into my routine. It was a brilliant idea because apart from constantly drinking the teas, I began to use them as toners in my skincare routine…. AMEN to the antioxidants. I consider it very safe because its food grade, and if it is safe and healthy for your stomach, why not add it to your skin.

Apart from being very rich in anti-oxidants, these teas also bear antiseptic and healing properties and some also have moisturising properties. So you are not only fighting acne on the outside but also on the inside. What’s more, is that along with finding a solution to your skin, you are also receiving additional benefits, which includes reducing your risk factors for cancer and some lifestyle diseases as well. This teas are one hundred per cent herbal and almost do not require any sweetening with sugar or addition of milk. You may just consider this as your daily dose of herbs.

I prefer teas to store bought products containing the same ingredients because teas are simple and do not add other ingredients that we aren’t too sure about. So here are the teas I have been taking:

  • Rooibos tea

It is red in color coming from the leaves of the rooibos plant native to South Africa. It doesn’t have a strong flavour and it’s pretty easy to find in Nakumatt. I saw a host of benefits in this article. I would recommend it for beginners seeing that it is quite easy to take.

You can also apply it externally using a cotton pad or the tea bag itself. It is quite moisturising.

  • Green tea

This has been there for a while now being one of the most popular anti-oxidant teas there are.(read more here) It comes from the barely processed  leaves of the tea plant. It is quite bitter and as a beginner you may want to sweeten it… or just take it as a herbal portion lol. Due to its popularity you can find it just about anywhere… my favourite has to be MELVINS TEA because it also has lemongrass!!

You can apply it on the skin, it is amazing because of its antiseptic properties and controls breakouts a big deal.

  • Chamomile tea

I want to say that this is the most effective but I am not too sure. It is GOOD though, and my skin absolutely digs this stuff. It has quite a strong smell and absolutely no taste. It is quite easy to take actually!! Its benefits are well outlined here! I like it because it is super relaxing and amazing at that.

On the skin, it is the bomb dot com. It does well in containing break outs as well.

PS: of course nothing substitutes a good diet and a good hydration plan when it comes to the skin! Also good practices like keeping your skin clean and moisturized do well to promote skin health. I recommend doing teas twice a day, and I have a strong bias for chamomile at night!!

Green tea may have caffeine… so if you are insomniac you may want to substitute this for a caffeine free tea like Rooibos tea or chamomile tea.

I also occasionally take Moringa tea with cinnamon. It is equally a good anti-oxidant.

Have you tried teas before?

love and love


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