15 Natural Hair Hacks!!

There is a time in life when the finances just say no to any new purchase. Anybody feels me? It doesn’t have to be brokenness but economy and saving are a good skill in this life and probably in the future as well .i.e. when the juniors arrive eh?

Herewith (I have always wanted to use this word) I give you a little survival tips otherwise known as hacks to survive our hair journeys without necessarily denting our pockets (though sometimes it is a necessary evil #theproductjunkieinme)

  • Dilute your shampoo.

Let us first address the lie thatwe need all that shampoo we use and also that we have to slap all that on our strands… that is a lie. We are just drying our strands by doing that. So let’s combat that dryness by diluting our shampoo. It is a great way not only to reduce damage and dryness to our strands but to save on shampoo. So you can buy your favourite sulphate free shampoo and not be scared of it getting over.

  • No deep conditioner? Enrich your conditioner

Another hack is to enrich your rinse out conditioner so that you make your very own deep conditioner with all the good stuff. Adding oils and humectants.

  • Learn to do your hair.

You Tube is your best friend!! And also it pays to learn to do your hair because nobody will do your hair better than you.

  • Know where to shop.

If you are in Nairobi, Ngara is a good place to get your seeds like flax seeds and bentonite clay. You can get good deals also for your satin scarf … just find the best place to buy your products cheap.

  • Old panty hose= hairties.

If Denman ouchless hair ties are too expensive, you may consider going to Perida Centre and get these super cool hair ties, or just slice up your pantyhose and voila you got your very own hair tie.

  • Conditioner can also be leave in conditioner. Just add the humectants and your oils and you will be good to go.
  • Rinses are a cheap and easy way to impart all the good stuff into your hair e.g. ACV rinse or Tea rinses.
  • Want to save on your products? Protective style.When your hair is in a protective style it tends to conserve moisture more so you save on the amount of product you use.
  • Breakage? Try protein treatment or tea rinses. I shared that juicy information right here.
  • Want straight hair minus damage? Try African threading. It works usually just takes a tad bit of patience.
  • No curling pudding? How about raw Shea butter? Apart from being an excellent sealant, Shea butter works well to style!! Try it.
  • Do your twists shrink a lot after you do them? Try twisting on stretched hair. Works wonders. Also, set your twists in a stretched style like banding or African threading.
  • Love your hair. Yes it makes it a lot easier to handle especially the change from having someone handling your hair to handling your own hair
  • Love you. Your hair is part of you. Lavish love on your body and yourself as a whole.

love and love


Love and love