Swimming: feat Natural Hair

As a mini-reunion plot (read as making up for away time), B and I decided to have a swimming date. I like how swimmimg is so therapeutic! Nothing beats enjoying your exercise… ( I absolutely disliked running and jogs as I was growing up). So you are burning fat, staying healthy and having fun. Sadly, we had to postpone because rain and so I thought I’d share my preparation process for a swim.

So what’s with pool water? Well, pool water has chlorine as its treatment to make it acceptable/ safe for your use. While the chlorine does an excellent antiseptic job, it may leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. Also the water (generally water not necessarily chlorine water can cause our hair some hygral fatigue. In preparation for all this exposure, I follow this steps:


  1. I apply coconut/olive or avocado oil to my hair. Its lind of like a prepoo and this has to do with preventing hygral fatigue to my hair. These three oils are unique in the sense that they penetrate the hair shaft and also form awesome prepoo oils
  2. Saturate my hair with clean tap water: especially when I am not wearing a swimming cap. I read about it in this article and thought it made sense.
  3. Wear a swimming cap. It sort of regulates the contact of the water with your hair though it isn’t an entirely fool proof method.


  1. Rinse my hair with tap water thoroughly
  2. Do an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse. I find that it helps with build up and also conditions my hair.
  3. I may shampoo my hair with a sulphate shampoo just to clarify my hair.
  4. Do a deep conditioning treatment… to correct the moisture in my hair.
  5. Wear a swim cap, don’t be like me.

Ps: I prefer to swim with my hair in a protective style e.g. twists. It is just my personal preference.

How do you prefer to prepare your hair for the pool? Let me know below.

Love and love