STYLE IT : High Puff with bangs!!

Happy Thursday otherwise known as the first day of December. Its kinda scary to think 2016 is over though really I would rather it was. I’m having all these panic attacks as far as goals and accomplishing them are concerned.. but that is a story for another day.

Right now lets focus on getting our tresses ready for the December festivities…and killing it while at it. So I put together some hairstyles that are easy to do and you will be dashing while at it!! I will be sharing them in the style it segment!!

First up will be the classic high puff with bangs!!

 What you will need:

  • -large hairband
  • -a pick (optional)
  • -a hair brush

This style takes literally 2 mins to put together, as expressed in this video.

Here is how I slayed it!!

I’d love to see how you slay as well!! tag me on instagram @just_her_ke  or #just_her_ke. 

You can also share via facebook…. Justher. 


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