How To: Smashing and Juicy Lips

Hey lovelies… happy Monday. Hope your week is off to a good start. So one of the things that I love to do is get pretty crafty. DIY projects are my thing, I happen to be very curious so you will find me jumping at the next recipe that comes my way, I was hoping to be able to share a mood board post, as a design guide but life happened. Anyway can we get into this post already?

Since we are all about skin care and basically trying to physically take care of our skin, can we talk about lips? Who doesn’t love some soft luscious (I always wanted to use this word) lips that look absolutely juicy? Well just before we get carried away in the description of the moment, soft lips are almost as sought after as petal soft skin. Dry cracked lips can be an indicator of dehydration in the body (used dehydration very loosely here to mean that your body is not getting the required water).

So to take care of our lips…. We have a simple step plan: DRINK WATER, lots of it,. Water is the basic ingredient that solves half of our body’s problems.

SCRUB your lips…just like our skin needs exfoliation to get rid of our dead skin, our lips also need this TLC. I will share a simple recipe of a quick lip scrub below.


What you need:

  • 1 tsp sugar

  • Few drops of your favourite edible oil. I use Extra virgin Olive Oil

What you do:

  • Mix into paste consistency.

  • Apply on lips and scrub in circular motions.

  • For a little fun, add food color or coloring herbs like turmeric.

MOISTURISE with a good lip balm as well. I personally find lip gloss an absolute bother and sometimes petroleum jelly gives me some annoying vibes as well, so I made this simple DIY lip balm as well.


What you need

  • Coconut oil about 1 tsp

  • Vaseline (optional) I find that it helps put together the recipe because the coconut oil is temperature sensitive. The cocoa butter flavour is bae

  • A bit of lipstick just for a light colour, this is also optional

  • A source of heat

  • A metallic bowl to mix the ingredients

What you do:

  • Mix the ingredients In the metallic bowl… then put over heat to melt them for even mixing, (you can opt to use double boiler method)

  • Pour into storage container and cool.

Just like that, my lips are on fleek!! How do you get your lips looking awesome?

Love and love