GIFTING/PACKING IDEAS: shower goodies for her!!

When I was writing this Gifting ideas post, I couldn’t help but notice how this sounds like a #hisandhers or # twinning post! Lol. I guess its my lifestyle!!! So today along with sharing the suggestions I have for her… or more like what I use… I would love to make it interactive. Share with me in the comments, how a good shower or bath makes you feel….

Our shower bag has:

Body scrub/ face scrub

I love this one by Cyclux… the scent is gorgeous and the particles are just the right size. I like that its gentle enough to be a face scrub. The feeling on your skin after a good scrub cannot be matched!! (of course this comes second to this Tony Airo coffee scrub that is my absolute favourite)

Shower gel

In the spirit of twinning with this post… and by extension B I got this strawberry shower crème by PalmOlive as well. It smells absolutely gorgeous…I definitely recommend! (of course second to this shower crème by I love.)

Showering scrunchee / gloves

I already talked about these on this post right here. The feelings are mutual. I am now an official shower addict!!

Aloe vera gel

An excellent face moisturiser!!

Shea butter crème.

This is the ultimate skin moisturiser especially on cold days though also a lotion would come in handy for days when your skin is super dry.

What is in your shower bag?

Love and love…