UGRWM: Wash day feat Mikalla

Hello loves,

Happy post Christmas!! I hope we didn’t eat ourselves to stupor!! The interesting thing about this festive season apart from having a super long holiday is how, Christmas and New year are usually a week apart. Its almost like a crash party progamme where you have to look glammed up for two weekends in a row!! If this is worrying you… don’t worry, I got you this week. We start with the post Christmas wash day today.

I started with hair that I had stretched for purposes of graduation. Sectioning it into four, I lightly de-tangled it before pre-pooing it with coconut oil. I usually do this overnight!

I then used the mikalla duo, the low sulfate shampoo and rinse out conditioner. I have to say the shampoo is bae! I’m not sure I know any other shampoo that has slip! My hair felt moisturized after shampooing but all the gulk was gone!!! I applied conditioner after my wash and let it sit as I was showering. This usually acts as my DIY deep conditioner and I let it sit for about fifteen minutes.

My hair was feeling absolutely moisturized and awesome. I would definitely recommend these products for anyone who is looking for cheapies that work absolutely well. I shared other product recommendations in this post here.

Next wash day I plan to deep condition much longer!! Also watch out this week as I share date night hair and outfit ideas… you don’t want to miss that.

How has your wash day been?

Love and love