STYLE IT: Date night hair +OOTD

Ever since this instagram post, I have had requests for my bad ass tailors number which I will share through inbox now that I am not sure I have a link to her Facebook account. In this post, is another of her creations as well… different materials in different style.

So as you probably know… read as: seen on my Instagram, (if you haven’t you need to keep up by hitting this FOLLOW button otherwise you get stale news) B is a doctor now… or shall we say he graduated, and of course we had to do a little celebration read as: bff dance! Therefore last weekend, the dance that usually involves us eating ourselves to stupor (temperate stupor) had us exploring a vegetarian restaurant in Diamond plaza… which will be a post for another day, but O need to say the food was absolutely lovely.

Seeing that I had less than an hour to do my hair and dress up I quickly undid my two strand twists that I had been wearing for two weeks and finger combed it. My hair was a little dry, so I moisturized it with my conditioner before swooping the back area. I did a recreation of the hair the next day and this is how it turned out!!


Shoes-Thrifted at B.S

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Love and love


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