STYLE IT: Date night hair + Jumpsuit

Have you seen my previous posts in the style it section? Here it is..

In my last post, what I hadn’t told you is how hard it was to finally settle for this dress. Initially the votes had been in favour of this jumpsuit but I had a bit of a wardrobe hitch that made me not go for it. Also, something you may have realized (or not) is that dresses are my element so the jumpsuit was a bit of a stretch for me. If you are going for a work related new year party however, a jumpsuit may be your perfect mix of work and play!! What’s more, it’s almost a dress, then it’s not a dress.

For this hair look, I started with a pseudo frizzy twist out. Took out a section for the bangs, then taking hair from the edges I gathered my hair and sort of wrapped it with the edge sections. Nothing fancy. If you blow out your hair the style will be fancier… like in this video.

So this was my out come…

Jumpsuit – Thrifted at Adams

Shoes – Same as here

Photos – Bff’s phone.

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Love and love