STYLE IT: Day out inspired looks

Hey lovelies,

Previously on style it, date night look 1 and look 2 emphasis was on the night part! Today however let us just talk about how important and easy hair up-do is extremely essential to walking out of the door slaying. I started this style with a frizzy twist out as well that was mostly dry… plus my hair was feeling kinda moody that day… all the products were just sitting on it.

Anyway, so I sectioned the front hair for a side swoop and then pinned the rest to the back. I fluffed the swoop to my desired look and I walked out of the door. It literally took two minutes.

Of course then what better way to scream easy than with a skater dress (almost skater dress) especially with the sun coming through right here in Nairobi. If you have a girls day out or a casual meeting or errands to run… well there you have it. Also you can pair them up with three different shoes as shown!!

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