Month: January 2017


Hello loves, Today we have a review of DOVE conditioner that I picked from Nakumatt Supermarket after lusting for it for almost a year. I almost picked it a couple of times, just that it has silicones which I am not too big on. Nonetheless, I got it and tried it. My first reaction was actually, “why have I never tried this before?”… It … Read More PRODUCT REVIEW: DOVE VOLUME BOOST CONDITIONER

25 facts about me

Hey loves…. So I met this random stranger a while back. I, sure we meet strangers all the time, but this was a stalker-ish guy, those guys who have ulterior interests. He looked about 40 years and my first thought was “ he is looking for a second wife!!” lol. Of course from first impressions there are a few reservations I had about him… … Read More 25 facts about me

2 cheap DIY deep conditioning hair masques

HAI Hello loves, Happy New Year guys… hope you are all well. I want to say a new welcome to our new readers! You can subscribe to the blog (see the right hand side of your post… there is a subscription space). Also, I would really appreciate if you liked the Facebook page and followed my twitter handle. I need all the support I can get. … Read More 2 cheap DIY deep conditioning hair masques

Vision Board for 2017

 Hello loves, Happy new year!!  Took a  two week break from the blog to get my rest to begin 2017 on the right footing. I am stocked for 2017 I hope you are too. 2017 for me is going to be a mountainous year as I learn how to be independent and get “all my monkeys swinging” (read as: getting my  sh*t together). So … Read More Vision Board for 2017