Packing tips for naturals

Its travelling season already… a few days to Valentines. I don’t know what your plan is… but chances are… someone will invite you or you will go somewhere yourself. In an ideal situation, a long term protective style is ideal for the holidays, because you can enjoy yourself without being bothered a lot about your hair. But who doesn’t want to flaunt their kinks this season?

If you are like me… you probably get panic attacks when it comes to packing because you don’t exactly know what to carry and what to leave. Initially in the first year of my journey as I mentioned in this post, hair was my weekend plot, like washing and styling. That is all we did and couldn’t do lots of social stuff because hair. I even made B to begin doing hair, so it was a corporate effort. I dreaded sleep overs because that would mean taking my washing to someone else’s house and packing was a complete nightmare. From carrying spray bottles (which I have like 3) to oils and leave in conditioners! The struggle was real.

This year however, I have mastered the art of packing light (or I am still mastering) and I would like to share with you. This is here is how our packing will look like when not in a long term protective style.

-Spray bottle

-Leave in conditioner

-Silk scarf





All the products will be in travel size package.

Just like this, your holiday is set… and you are covered. I personally will be cool with my spray bottle mix and an oil, mostly because the weather is hot and I don’t like weighing my hair down with lots of product.

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Happy Holidays,