3 ways to enhance your conditioner.


Hello loves…

Have you been in that situation where you are looking for the perfect deep conditioner and the ones you find are too expensive or just not worth it? Then you get so stressed because you have no idea how your hair will get its desired nourishment? I know that feeling. Especially after traversing through more than one cosmetic shop and all I could find were too expensive for the moment. So I decided to transform my conditioner to a deep conditioner…. Here is how I do it.

 1. Add glycerine.

It is one of the key ingredients that contribute to your hair moisture levels. Glycerine is a humectant which means it basically draws moisture from the atmosphere into your hair. So if you are looking fro the moisture, it is an expensive and less messy way to add awesomeness to your conditioner.


Honey is also a humectant… for people who have a problem with glycerine; this is a better less puffy option. The only disclaimer I have is: only prepare a portion you will finish per wash day, otherwise it may go bad. I must admit though, that honey leaves your hair feeling so nice.

 3. Oils

The amount of nutrients in oil and individual properties can be harnessed through infusing them into your conditioner as well. The olive oil. Coconut oil etc. make the conditioner more beneficial to your hair.

Next time you are about to buy that deep conditioner, look at its ingredients, then come here and compare and tell me what we are missing here. I hope you find it helpful.

Love and love


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