Skin care tips for acne prone skin

Hey lovelies,

 So my skin has been doing a lot better lately and I promised to share a bit of what I have been doing differently in the past two or so months. Right in the middle of the new routine though, I found out that my skin is dehydrated which kinda tweaked how I do my morning and evening routine. So let’s get into the post.


  • I wash my face with soap once a day. Washing multiple times was drying my face and caused me to have dehydrated skin.

  • I use diluted baby wash. Basically you need a gentle wash… most acne washes are really harsh on your face and super dry your skin. I stopped using black soap.

Over drying your skin will cause your skin to go overdrive and produce more oil thus causing more pore-clogging. (Vicious cycle much?)


  • I steam at most once a week. I add rose water to my steam water… it really leaves your skin feeling amazing!!



  • I mask once a week… on the day I steam. I will share the complete routine in a later post. Ps: I don’t exfoliate and mask on the same day

  • I use three basic masks:

    • bentonite clay mask

      • charcoal mask

      • salt mask



  • I use the glove that I shared about here… and I lightly exfoliate two- three times a week.


  • I use rose water or a mixture of rose water and glycerine on a cotton pad and dab on my skin. This is particularly gentle on my skin.



  • I use this neem cream and it feels so good on my face. I switched my aloe Vera gel for this because it is more moisturising.



  • I cut out unnecessary sugar from my life. Yes no more cakes, soda, cocoa, coffee etc. ( still struggling with potatoes)

  • Chia water is my new best friend after B.  It is my favourite way of taking nutrients.

  • Vitamin C in the morning!! Yes to lemon water, mangoes and orange juice etc.!! (First thing in the morning.)

And that’s it… do you have any other ways you deal with acne? Please share….





Love and love


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