How to: Faux tapered cut on Natural hair

Hello loves,

Happy new month!! How has been your hair journey?

Sometimes in your hair journey, your hair grows but you crave to have some short hairstyles. That was me a couple of weeks ago, when I saw some amazeballs tapered cut and wanted to recreate it. It is a fairly easy hairstyle and will take about 15-30 minutes to have on.

You need:

  • A rat tail comb for parting
  • Moisturised hair
  • Gel (or a soufflé) though it is optional
  • Shea butter mix. (I have some jars if you need some)


  • Part your hair in a way to have the crown separated from the rest of your hair. I would say from eyebrow end on either side of your head
  • Hold the hair at the crown of your head
  • Making clean parts begin to three strand twist your hair . (clean parts)
  • Bantu knot the middle section that you had put out of the way (use your gel, or shea butter mix)
  • Wait for at least 18 hours or until the knots are dry.
  • Then you can undo the knots and roll and tuck your three strand twists.
  • Slay away!!

I hope this makes sense. Lol.

I would love to hear from you: if there is any topic of interest please halla!!






Love and love