How to detangle your hair

Hello loves,

Someone wrote to me and ask how to deal with her steel wool hair and I made a post about it. So can we just talk about hair already… (Filipino soaps though) today we talk detangling and as a bonus some great products that you may want to add in your stash. Also, in a later post I will let you in on all my product discoveries in a product post. ( hit like for a product post lol) now into the post!


  • Your fingers

  • A wide tooth comb

  • A spray bottle (read about my spray bottle mix here)

  • A conditioner : either leave in, rinse out or deep conditioner. The secret here is that it has to have lots and lots of slip.


  • Divide your hair into sections. Sections make it easier to handle thick hair

  • Take one section lightly mist it with water from your spray bottle until section is damp.

  • Apply your detangler of choice… preferably a conditioner

  • Massage the product into your hair gently coating each strand.

  • Begin to go through each section with your fingers separating your strands gently getting rid of tangles.

  • When it becomes generally tangle free then you can go through the section with your wide tooth comb. Start from the tips/ends of your hair going down to the roots and be extremely gentle

  • When you are done…  put your hair in a twist so that it doesn’t curl up on itself, then move to the next section

  • Repeat these steps through your whole head.

Ps: you can also do the steps on wash day. I usually prefer to detangle my hair when styling after my wash but you may do it during or after deep conditioning.

Do you have any questions? Please reach out to me… I love talking to you




Love and love ,


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