The bun life


Hey loves,

Happy Monday hope you are doing well. Glad to be back on here after some silence. I had some logistical challenges (no camera) but I am grateful that they are over and I am up for some great content for the rest of August and hopefully September too.

 While I was away… I learnt that my hair is finally big enough to get into a bunch unassisted which had been a long time goal of mine.

I have never been the person to force my hair into styles simply because I am very tender headed and the headache I get after over manipulating my hair is not worth it.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was in the bathroom just wondering what to do with my hair and in the process of toying around I find out that my hair can finally go into a bun! Of course I am super excited!

I am due for a length check sometime this month and I. Can’t wait to see how well my hair is doing plus get my much needed trim.

Meanwhile I am massaging my scalp a little more because I have been experiencing some scalp dryness and tenderness.

I have an update on my hair regimen coming soon.

Love and love

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