Let’s talk trims

Hey guys… We have been on a roll… Getting to talk about all these amazing hair practices.
So today we talk about trimming. Before that have you subscribed to my blog yet? If you haven’t yet, please do.
So I have gotten a couple of requests to explain how I trim my hair so here we go. Let’s call this a trim guide for the scissor phobic soul.


Trimming is important for hair health. I am sure you have heard that your ends are the oldest part of the hair. As with anything old, the wear and tear of manipulating your hair coupled with the age… Causes it to be damaged. We see that damage in form of single strand knots and tangling of our ends. We trim to get rid of the damaged ends of the hair that can cause further tangling to our hair. Also just to get rid of our dead looking hair.


  • When your ends are thinning out.

Because of the damage I explained earlier…your hair tends to thin out towards the end thus showing you the need for a trim

  • When you have damaged ends

Permanent damage from heat or other chemicals may necessitate a trim.

  • When your detangling sessions are becoming too long

Sometimes it takes us so long to detangle our hair because we have so many single strand knots and our combs or fingers just can’t glide through.

The basic hair rule still stands… Trim when you need it. Some people say you need a trim every six to eight weeks but I trim only when I need to. Which is usually in about every three to six months.

I have trimmed when my hair is both in a straight and also curly state. Both times I use the exact same method.
I twist my hair into small sections of two strand twists and cut of about a quarter to half an inch from the ends.

Another method you can use on straight hair is to glide your fingers down your hair strands and feel for the scraggly ends and that is the point at which you trim your hair.

If your hair isn’t in any type of damage or not having the conditions above, there isn’t a reason to trim it. Remember the key word here is NEED.

Also different things work for different people… So do what works for you.

Do you trim your hair? How often?

Read about everything you need to know about wash day here.

Love and love

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