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Happy Friday everyone….

We are taking a slight break from the hair series to share some of the recent purchases and re-purchases I have made with regards to skincare in the past few. I have been on a no-buy for about four to six months, so after going through my stash, it was time to make other purchases.

so here we go:

  • U herbal Neem cream by Maisha Bora

This is a repurchase. I use it as my facial moisturiser and it does such a great job without making me break out. I also like it because its not an oily formula.(my face is really oily)

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Neem oil, Bee wax, Honey, Glycerin, Essential oils, Lannet wax

  • Luron Natural organic aloe vera gel

This is also a repurchase. i use it for my face and my edges sometimes. realy healing on the skin(50ml goes for 140-160Ksh Best Lady outlets)

  • Vaseline Blue seal original petroleum Jelly

A repurchase, just for my lips, and recently for the soles of my feet before I sleep. It really works well.

  • Nice and Lovely Milk Creme lotion

This is a repurchase as well. For some reason it is the only lotion I like. super affordable and has a great scent.(400ml goes for 150Ksh Naivas Supermarket)

  • Diva Pure glycerine

Who doesn’t like glycerine? Super cool for moisture. (50ml goes for 50Ksh Naivas Supermarket)

  • Farmasi refreshing face scrub in lime

I was going to rave about this, because it is the best facial scrub I have ever used… my face feels so soft afterwards. (100ml goes for 295Ksh Tuskys Supermarket)

  • Beeswax and Honey body cream

Smells like heaven and is not greasy which is amazing. It comes through in slightly colder days when you need to apply a heavier cream but petroleum jelly or shea butter doesn’t work for you. (200gms for 250Ksh at National Bee Keeping Institute next to Lenana High School)

  • Raw Handmade African Black soap (not pictured)

Great for acne prone skin…and all the DIY shampoo ideas for your hair. extremely healing but scent not thaat good. (150 grams for 400 from unrefined shea on Instagram)

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