How to properly do a clay wash

Hello lovelies,

Remember talking about a mud wash in this post? Yes we talked about how to do or rather how I usually use bentonite clay to cleanse my scalp. Well I am not sure you have tried it yet but in case you are interested, I have a few pointers for you on how to effectively use clay.

First off, it is important to know that clay is a detoxifier, it helps to get rid of the toxins that we and by extension our hair encounters on a daily basis. In a way we can call that cleansing. You can use any clay I think, so far the favourites I have seen around the web being: rhassoul clay, bentonite clay, French green clay. (I am not sure about fuller’s earth though).

So how do you then incorporate it into your hair wash?

a. Mix it with an acidic medium.

Clay is basic about pH 10 , and our hair’s natural pH is acidic about 4.5 . you can imagine what clay can then do to your hair in terms of altering its pH. This is not to say that we can’t use clay on our hair, because it has minerals and other good stuff for our hair along with detoxing properties. To take care of this pH change then we mix it with an acidic medium to make it safer for use on our hair. You can use Apple Cider Vinegar which is a weak acid to make the clay paste or lemon juice as well. (I have mixed with both and they both work absolutely great, but I think I like the lemon juice mixture more.) Also aloe Vera juice is another great option.

b. Prepare your mixture with non-metallic utensils.

I mentioned that clay is a detoxifier…. It is used to cleanse metals. Imagine then if you mix it in metallic utensils what would happen. Well, if it cleanses the metals then you have gunk from the metals and that will be deposited right into your hair. Now, nobody wants that, so instead use plastic or if you can glass will definitely be the best option. I mix mine using either a plastic or glass bowl with a wooden spatula.

c. Apply it on your scalp.

Like any cleanser, begin with your scalp and focus mainly there. Your ends don’t need all the fuss because they are old anyway. Your ends will be cleansed by the run off while you rinse in the shower.

d. Don’t let it over dry/ dry anyway

When you apply it to your hair, don a plastic cap and let it marinate and do its magic. If you let it dry, it becomes harder to wash it off and you do not want to stay in the bathroom for hours on end trying to get it off your scalp.

e. Deep condition your hair afterwards

There is a temptation to enjoy the softness of your hair after a clay wash… don’t buy into it. Always deep condition your hair after a wash. It will not only impart the little lost moisture, but it will also make sure you are nourishing your strands with good stuff.

What are your clay wash day practices? Share them below.

Love and love


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