4 Not so natural products that I use

Hey lovelies,

Hope you are doing well. So today we talk about some products I use that are not exactly viewed as good for your natural hair but they actually work for my hair just fine. I must however state that what works for my hair may not necessarily work for your hair. Also be careful on how you use some of this products, some may be drying if overused.


  1. Venus anti breakage treatment

I mentioned this in another post where I talked about my favourite products. While this treatment may remind you of your relaxed days, I absolutely love it because it not only has a moisture protein balance but also because its thick consistency works great for my hair. Also when it says anti-breakage it really means it. I raved about it in this post as well.


  1. Mikalla low sulphate shampoo.

I have talked about it in this post and how my hair really loved it at first. However with consequent washes, it began to leave my hair squeaky clean and also dry. I find though that if I limit my washes to one wash and give my hair an excellent Prepoo, then my hair will be just fine. Also diluting the shampoo will make sure that it is not overly drying.

Ps: this is a sulphate shampoo. A sulphate free shampoo is a better option. I use it mainly because it is cheap and I use silicones in my regimen.


  1. Soft and free olive oil hair moisturiser.

This product and I met in rather desperate circumstances but surprisingly my hair loved it. I was at my aunts for a sleep over and I hadn’t carried my leave in conditioner. My hair loves it for twists, it gives my hair a good shine and it is kind of moisturising.


  1. Grease

This is also a desperate option for when I do not have my Shea butter at hand and I need to seal my ends. Yes, the good old Vaseline!!

Ps: I don’t slather this on my scalp! Just in case you were wondering.


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Love and love


2 thoughts on “4 Not so natural products that I use

  1. I use grease too! I want to to a comparison of blue magic and shea butter to see which keeps my hair moisturized for longer, but when there’s no heavy oil or shea butter, grease definitely does the trick.

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