Bffing milestones… 10 pointers that worked

Happy Friday lovelies, it has been #soulfulmarch on the blog for the past almost month and I haven’t finished the list of things that I have had to say. As a content creator, there are days you get mind blocks and you can’t write. Sometimes you have nothing to write and other times you have too much to write that you don’t know where to begin. I fall under the latter category at least for the past month. The roller coaster that has been life and the multiple lessons that I have had to draw from life have left me with so much to say, I just need to figure out how to say it.

Anyway in this post today, I need to introduce my person officially to the blog. If you follow me on Instagram, of course you have seen him around quite a bit.  He is Makini but around here we call him B. B and I have been bffing for 10 years and we just celebrated that this month. So in line with that we did our top ten pointers that we have on bffing and keeping friendships.

  1. Good things take time. There are no destined relationships. Everything takes time and deliberate effort. Just because people look cute and having fun doesn’t mean it is some miracle, there is a lot of work put in. This isn’t to scare you at all, but nothing comes easy especially in human relations. If you are willing to put effort in it and you meet someone who is equally as willing… the rest becomes easy, and it works.
  2. Have Fun… Relationships are and should be fun. Like we said in point 1, fun is very deliberate. It is defined, created and fostered by you two…and having external factors getting in the way is not an excuse. You have to decide that you want to enjoy it then make it happen. This closely ties in with being mindful and taking charge of your emotions.
  3. Be honest…. It is said that honesty is the best policy and it couldn’t be any truer than that. Being honest prevents potential arguments and or suspicions that can arise from lies. And whose list of pet peeves does not include liars?
  4. Be open with each other… the difference between honesty and openness is that the latter refers to not having inhibitions. Being comfortable to talk about anything and everything goes a long way in making it easy to talk about potentially difficult subjects.
  5. Trust your BFF to make the right decision…. Have faith in them as a person and in their abilities and capabilities. A little trust goes a long way in reassuring them that you value them and they are important and adding value to your life.
  6. Mango juice with raspberries is awesome. Like really. Get yourself a blender and try it out. Thank me later. Nione kando for other BFF experiments.
  7. Time spent with bff is productive time. Whether you are out on a forest nature trail or washing dishes; as long as you are doing it together, it goes a long way in bonding. Plus as a bonus, you realize that there are some uncultured people who don’t sort dishes out before washing them and just put them in the dish rack in whatever order. *cough *cough.
  8. It’s one thing to have someone to have someone to pray and study with, it’s another to know that GOD has been keeping you going all these years even after miraculously bring you together on the beginning. (Eh, si that was a nice story)Then there are those inside jokes. #Deuteronomy29:29
  9. AIRTEL tubonge will really help your long distance relationship. You can talk and talk and talk…..aaaannnd TAAAALLLLK to your loved one (read as bff) for just 10 bob a day. This is NOT a sponsored ad. I promise. (psst @airtelke.)
  10. Get involved with what your bff loves doing, even if it’s not really your thing. Go out dancing with your 2 left feet. Draw your stick figures in their sketch pad. Ask them if they prescribed diazepam today or who their horbius corpus was. You’ll sound and look dumb, but it feels really nice to know someone cares about your day to day life. Plus you can learn how to wash and take care of hair. Then grow an afro. Then be the talk of your workplace. And have the longest male hair in your entire town. And that feels so cool.

How have you been keeping friendships? What are some of your great friendship pointers? We would love to know. Also catch bits and pieces of our story on

Love and love

Nyake and B.

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