4 self-care habits that you should pick up

Happy Friday!! It is the end of April. A quarter of the year is already gone just like that and I hope you have had a productive start of the year. If not, now is a good time to start, actually it’s the next best to start. One of my resolutions this year is to be more mindful and more self-aware and aware of the choices I make.

I promised TRIO that I would be more careful about my physical health, my time management habits and my emotional space. As I have continued to indulge more and more in mindfulness, I have come to realize that I am not only more confident but I have become knowledgeable as well. I also notice that my health has improves as well, and I am more energized.

Today’s post is a list of my favorite self-care habits that in my opinion you should pick up. I tried to suggest habits that you can cultivate even in a busy schedule. Hope you can pick a habit or two or all of them.

  1. Diet

Ever since suffering from Anemia about eight years ago, I fully understand why diet is a big deal. In fact it is often said that diet is the first doctor that you will ever have. I know that too well. When I say diet, I don’t mean that you now turn vegan or do something dramatic, much as that would be very nice. I have come to pick up drinking water a little more, I try get to two to three liters every day, and my skin is very grateful already. I also squeeze in more vegetables now and salads as well. My goal is to ultimately reach 50% raw diet and I am working towards that slowly but surely.

  1. Exercise

I had this covered for a while then I fell off. I am slowly looking to incorporating it more in my lifestyle. Apart from helping in blood circulation, I found that exercise was a great mood lifter for me every morning. Right now, I take the stairs and walk 95% of the time just to keep myself active. This is dissertation year in school, so I sit more than I would like to.

  1. Meditation

I was looking for a word to encompass taking deep breaths, reading and introspection. Just taking time off the noise that is the internet, work and everything to be still and breathe, my favorite meditations include time spent with TRIO just reading the bible and praying. I find that it keeps me centered and focused. Always reminds me of my worth and my purpose which is very calming.

  1. Spa treatments

After doing all the inside work both physically and emotionally, its time to crown it all with a good spa treatment. If you can afford it, definitely go for it, there are so many benefits to having a good massage. For the rest of us who can’t afford, create your own little spa at home. Do that facial, that DIY manicure etc. I shared how I create mine at home here and here.

Which was your favorite habit? I would love to know. Share with me in the comments below.

Always choose happy,


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