Matchy matchy and other stories

Hello loves and happy Friday

Been a month since we hang out on this platform? I missed being here though I took my leave without properly announcing it. To be fair though, I did announce it on Instagram, so if you aren’t part of our little instafam, you should be? No? Anyway, we have a lot to catch up on the gram and blog as far as hair is concerned.

This month I will be reviewing a couple of products in my stash and sharing a couple of DIY treatments that I have picked up for my hair as well. You want to be subscribed for that, because it’s going to be very informative, and fun, and you can have all the fun right in your inbox.

So in the spirit of catch up, and a little mushy mushy expo… I ticked off one thing in my bucket list/ vision board that I shared about here. I have always wanted to relieve the days of wearing matchy matchy except I haven’t had an ideal opportunity. I thought of doing the whole coordinated outfit with my sisters, but that feels like a tall order if you ask me. Plans are still underway though. Fast forward this year, I had that light bulb when B a.k.a the embodiment of my craziness decided suggested that we do some outfit coordination for a little adventure we had planned. So I get down to managing the fashion department which by the way is an insult (my management skills) to all the fashionable people out there (mainly because my dressing is often bare minimum). But I happen to be the more fashion sensitive of us apparently.

I needed some swimwear and I had this brilliant idea that we would/ should coordinate that…and that’s how we got to Ohana. They have some absolutely gorgeous pieces; I couldn’t decide which piece to take. So I picked a mana short for B and looked for a piece that would match the shorts (that’s just about all my fashion skills): which is how we arrived here.

Can we talk about bikini-ing for the first time? As a big/ plus size girl I had my jitters about this to be honest, I haven’t always been comfortable with my body and the fact that I had put on some weight was not helping at all. So we had this self meeting on the mirror, and we had a long productive conversation that ended up in slaying the bikini.


t’s nice to be back though, how have you been?

Sending love and sunshine,


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