On that edges tip…

Hello loves and happy Friday… I promised myself that I will be more consistent here…which clearly is not the case. Let’s just say that I am swamped with school and school related activities. So pardon me if I pop up here and there inconsistently on this platform then drown in a hiatus. Hope you are all doing well though.

Today I thought we should talk a little on matters hair, specifically edges. This is because I have seen it pop up on my Instagram timeline more than once. It’s almost as if everyone has to have a bit of edges issues in their natural hair journey. Granted, some people have thinner edges genetically in which case you should be well aware. So my tips today work with just about any hairline type as long as your hair is healthy or in a healthy state. I believe in prevention above all else, but in the event that you have already damaged your edges, some of this tips may also help you.


  1. Don’t lay your edges all the time

Heavy edge controls and gels can weigh down your hair and cause your edges that are very fragile to break off. I rarely lay my edges and sometimes when I do, I use castor oil and aloe vera gel that are both beneficial to the hair and tie them down with a scarf. Alternatively if you must lay your edges don’t lay them all the time and read your ingredients carefully.

  1. Switch your bonnets with elastic ends with kinder bonnets and scarves

I got this really nice bonnet from super cosmetics except it has elastic end/ perimeter. This elastic tugs on your edges and may be very damaging. I opt to tuck in the elastic into the satin before wearing it. I also wear my satin scarf for a change just to ease my edges.

plating cornrows around your edges reduces extension tension on your hair
  1. Don’t tie your scarves tight at night

While tying satin scarves and silk scarves are amazing …tying them too tight can be counterproductive and cause damage instead. Remember any undue pressure on your edges is really uncalled for.

  1. Eat a balanced diet

Something that is important to consider is that hair is a protein and unfortunately, a non-essential part of the body. This means that when the body is distributing nutrients, hair happens to be the last to be considered. Therefore making sure your body is in the best shape is crucial in the maintenance of healthy hair. A few important nutrients to consider are proteins and iron that do well in the promotion of healthy hair growth.

  1. Exercise

Exercise improves blood circulation to your whole body especially the scalp which means that your hair is getting enough nutrients too.

  1. Switch up your style

Avoid constant tight buns and puffs as they may tug on your edges a lot causing traction alopecia. Try and balance your hairstyles so that you are not putting too much pressure on your edges.DSC_0032

  1. Less stress

Putting yourself in a constantly elevated mood means less levels of cortisol which means the body is in optimum conditions to perform its tasks including hair growth. This includes getting adequate rest and quiet chill time.

  1. Hair styling techniques

Simple hair styling hacks can save your edges. Every time I braid my hair I do medium sized braids to make sure my hair is not weighed down by my hair extension. Also I do cornrows around my edges before attaching the hair extensions just to protect my edges.

  1. Massage your scalp

Scalp massages are not only relaxing but also amazing for blood circulation to the scalp. Ensuring that the blood circulates as well as in your scalp promotes hair growth, and the continuous nutrient supply to the hair follicles.

  1. Satin scarves and pillowcases

Satin and silk scarves reduce the loss of moisture at night. Unlike cotton, these will not zap out the moisture that you have struggled to put in your hair. Remember the first step in hair growth is moisture…


A couple of treatments are said to assist in maintenance and regrowth of edges. A few I have seen are onion juice and Jamaican black castor oil.


How do you take care of your edges?



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