5 Truths from 2018

There’s a little over four days left in 2018 which makes it ideal to share some truths that I have learnt through out this year. Some may sound so cliche but trust me, its the cliché things that we ignore that tend to change our lives. So here are my top five truths…

1. Consistency and dedication

This year I decided to practice prioritization of items in my agenda list for a change. I am one of those people who tend to take up everything and exhaust myself trying to be present to make things work. So this year I decided to pick up just two or three items per unit time and top of that list was always my school work… And it paid off… I was more relaxed and present in the tasks that I picked and had a much better outcome.

Voi is one of the places I never dreamed of visiting but here we are

2. Dare to dream

In 2017 I made a vision board that encapsulated all my dreams and things that I hoped to achieve… There are some things that I put on that board that I honestly never thought I would even come to achieve… Like traveling. While it took me two years to get through the whole vision board, I am so grateful that I dreamed… Because I have been to places that I didn’t think I would ever visit and made strides that two years ago I did not think were possible.

3. Positivity is a game changer

I learned this in my second half of the year… I was doing my project and the vibe around school was so negative that it was getting extremely hard to see the end of it. It was a space where you had to believe in your self and your ability and skill because clearly nobody was rooting for you. I literally had to shut my own voice of criticism down just to get work done. So instead of being harsh on myself, I had to work to remind myself of any positive feedback that I got and run with it. With time it became easier to dwell on positive thoughts…. It’s something I am still trying to get a grip on.

First vacay… Kenya is truly beautiful

4. Opinions are like armpits

Everybody has them and they stink….which happens to be my chemistry teacher’s favorite quote. It couldn’t be any more true than it already is. We are always being fed on what society think of us…. Which may not be necessarily a good thing… So instead of opinions, I learned to find a reason and to be real intentional with stuff that I do.

5. Intention

This definitely ties in with opinions and forming your own opinion… So if I could pick a word for last year that would have been intention. For the first time I consciously decided to embark on a couple of activities and follow them through even if I wasn’t sure they were going to work out. It saw me follow up my vision board and knock out 100% of the items I had listed… Successfully doing about 85% to satisfactory completion…

Finished my undergraduate studies

What are your take aways for this year? Let’s chat… And happy reflections.

Love and love


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