Holiday on a budget

If you have ever wondered how your favorite influencer travels so much and how you could do the same… This post is probably for you.

Growing up, family holidays or holidays in general were not a thing in our household… So going for school trips really left us with an insatiable thirst to discover the world outside what we knew. This however was a long time coming… Because I was only able to first visit the coast just under four years ago…

Swimming in Diani

The thirst however led me and now B is who happens to be my partner in everything really to try and craft it into our vision board. While we would want to travel the world some day, our current budget can only get us so far which is why (in the spirit of living within our means) we decided to explore options around the country first. Here’s how we did (and are doing it)…

1. Let work take you there

So my first real interaction with travel was going to visit B for when he was working in Kitui County… So I had to figure out how to get there… Since then we have toured various towns in the same county. Thing is, sometimes we are so caught up thinking that going to international destinations/gram worthy places is the only thing that should be considered travel… And we forget little spots right here that are not only fun but absolutely worth it. Kitui County has a couple of really amazing hiking spots and just experiencing the space and culture is really cool.

sunsets in Mutomo Kitui county

I also got to visit Makindu and Voi because of my school project… And I really want to visit it again

2. Save up and plan

Before we went to Diani last year, there was a lot of planning, booking tickets, finding spaces to stay etc. Every successful holiday has to be planned and saved for… Depending on how long you want it to be and where, you can save up accordingly…

3. Reduce travel cost

Again depending on your saving, this is an important thing to factor in… You can save a lot by taking the SGR instead of flying to the Coast.

Another way is to go somewhere nearer like Nakuru instead of the coast if you are from Nairobi. This cuts your travel cost by more than half.

Mtwapa creek

4. Use public transport

Public transport can be a safe and way cheaper option than using a taxi… And still gets you where you wanted to be.

5. Staycation

In line with reducing transport costs, you can just opt to staycation… Which is really a form of local tourism and can be really relaxing… Its the literal translation of a change is as good as rest.

Another way to reduce accommodation cost would be to take advantage of airbnb.

How do you travel on a budget?

Love and love


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