Diani in under 30k

Following this post, I decided to work out a small practical plan that could put some of the points into perspective..

So this is a little budget plan of how, you can get to travel to Diani beach from Nairobi on a budget…

Since this is something we are planning for and a travel treat, we are going to have it during the low travel season which is after Easter and before November… So for practicality sake lets have it in June… We are having a little weekend /long weekend getaway of three nights.

dsc_0054 right

Our saving plan then is 5000 kshs for six months that will get us to 30000ksh which is what we will work with in this post.

Taking the train from Nairobi to Mombasa will cost 1000 one way. From the train station to Diani will cost 350kshs via public transport and making the return trip will cost you the same which brings us to 2700

For accommodation, we found this little gem that charges 4000 per person per night somewhere in the heart of Diani beach road… Not far from the beach. Its an absolutely beautiful room with air conditioning and a fridge in addition to a shower and a safe. This brings us to 12000


Since the hotel gives breakfast… The rest of the meals will cost just about 4500* especially if you don’t take alcohol and assuming you take just dinner at the hotel. *this is based on a vegetarian diet

Moving around in a tuk tuk to the beach and back will come to about 500… you can squeeze in an activity or any other cost of drinks and eating out for about 7000. This cost could be much less.


Just like that, we have our holiday. hope this helps.

love and love


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