January in a nutshell

Its been 2019 for one month, but I have been living in 2018…You see my January started pretty slow. I have been reeling from the pressure and fatigue that came from my final year of school therefore I have been rather sluggish.

But, that is nit the purpose of this post. I am starting these series just as a gratitude calendar and to highlight amazing January occurrences.

First off, I finally finished my vision board… Which is now set and I will be providing you with a printable in my next post, when we talk about goal setting.

January was also kind to me… I got to travel to the coast and visit two new locations which I am absolutely grateful for. Also the usual Kitui county sunset chasing with the bae.

I smashed my diet goals… Minimized eating out to very necessary occasions (twice)… Ate clean and did 30% raw (and or vegetables) on almost every meal.

Made a very slight but significant step towards my six month goal that I will let you know much later…

Managed to see B every two weeks, considering the distance we have to to traverse to make this happen…

There’s a few more things I need to work on to keep the vision alive… So let’s see how kind life is next month.

Love and love


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