Hair goals for 2019

While the new year new me mantra is never applicable to me, this year I set a couple of goals under different categories. So in this post let’s delve into a bit of the hair goals we set.

One of the things I want to do more of is onion juice rinses. I do them averagely once a month, which is a habit I want to carry on this year.


Deep conditioning in every wash is another habit that I want to continue with inclusion of a DIY deep conditioner about once in two to three months. DIYs were a frequent feature at the beginning of my journey and my hair really love them.

Of course sleeping with my hair protected every night, I haven’t been very consistent with it in the recent past and I want to pick it up again this year.


I want to keep my hair in twists in for six months straight…I am almost finishing my first month, waiting to see how long I can keep this. (ps: trying to see if I can work around getting a stylist to help me keep the twist theme without excessively manipulating my hair)

Hoping to grow four to six inches of hair this year….though this could change.


Do you have any hair goals this year? What are your hair goals?

love and love


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