Vision board 2019

I was going to talk about masks this week until I went to a WIRE event and we had a vision board exercise… And I didn’t think a lot of people had no clue how to do it.

First off, I talked about the whole idea in this blog post in 2017…so you may want to look at it first… I featured my first ever vision board.

This year however I am a lot more in between houses and so I don’t have the luxury of having somewhere to stick it.. So instead of collecting my magazine cut outs and my board, i explored a soft copy version which is my current screen saver.

The process :

The most important part of the process is to have a clear outline of what you have.

So I came up with a few categories:

  • Family
  • Career
  • Academics
  • Leisure / travel
  • Relationship
  • Personal goals

I then wrote down my goals then began to look for pictures that matched what I wanted.

I then organized my thoughts into six parts answering six questions

1. What is my word for the year

2. What overarching feeling do I want to have

3. Where do I want to go

4. What do i want to do

5. What aspects of personal growth do I want to embrace

6. Where do I want to live…

I came up with a printable that you can download and fill with your amazing goal picture cutouts.

download template for vision board here.

Ps: this year I included a lot of pictures of myself just to internalize even more.

Here is a snippet of mine , hope you love it.

My Vision board 1.0 WhatsApp Image 2019-01-17 at 4.30.00 PM

love and love


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