Finding happiness

I grew up in a household that did not understand festivity and holidays. In fact what was Christmas in other households was general cleaning in our house… Where we would wash the blankets that hadn’t been washed a whole year and sometimes even walls (yes we washed walls).

So you can imagine the culture shock I experience when a girlfriend comes to tell me about valentine’s or ask me my plans. Most of the time they are met with replies like “people dress up for valentines?” Or “oh you are expecting a gift? Do you gift him in return?” Anyway for the most part of my adult life I have been learning how to take some festivities seriously.

In a world where it is easier to get herpes than happiness, it has become such a selling point to be able to provide happiness… Which is not the point of the post. See, this week is Valentines week which is a big deal as I have come to find out.

Which is why for this week I have a little reminder about finding happiness especially because a lot of people get into relationships to look for happiness… The problem is though, there isn’t happiness in a relationship either, but it can be a good place to start.

In the words of one Mark Mason happiness is a process and not a destination. It is found from surmounting challenges and problems. And since problems cannot end, then you get the chance to pick the problems both of you want to surmount and work towards them.

Do you want to be closer? Have that uncomfortable conversation you have been avoiding…. Want to be more intimate? Process the hurt feelings… Have the tough conversations… Open up to your partner. Do you want to travel together or save up? Make those financial sacrifices. Because happiness requires struggle… And finds more worth in conquering the struggles.

Love and love


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