Gratitude Diary- February 2019

This is the second post in the gratitude series that began in January, and it is a kind of follow-up and check in on my wholesome well being. I do it mostly for me, but also to encourage you to keep some kind of tabs on yourselves too.

So February was a little more mixed in emotion and outcome. As I shared here, I am trying to see my goals through a lot more intentionally.

I was able to start my reading list this month, finished a book that I had been reading for five months and started another one. I talked about my current read in the January favorites post here.

Again I smashed my diet goals though I kinda fell off a little towards mid-February and ate out more than I would like to admit (mostly because of travel). I tried out a new mushroom and a tofu recipe that turned out amazing, and had more variety in my meals.

I slacked in skin care though, and with a lot of back and forth my skin tends to break out and get upset. So I have been dealing with breakouts which has meant intensifying my masking routine.

Managed to be consistent on the blog and get some feedback from my blog family which always warms my heart. Please don’t just lurk in the shadows, lets have a chat in the comments.

Got to see B quite a bit this month as well, which is great considering the struggle that is long distance relationships. Also we shot some really amazing pictures on valentine’s day in the very scenic environment where he works. These here are some of them.

I had a bit of an existential crisis that got me feeling some type of way… But I am working it out bit by bit… Hopefully I come out better or at least with a bit more wisdom.

How was you February though?

Love and love


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