I have always been so intentional about my skin and its one of those things that not only excites me but its part and parcel of my self care journey.

So I have hopped from one skin care regimen to another in a bid to find what works for my skin… I am still not there but I haven’t had a break out in eons which is a good sign.

So I have reduced the number of times in a day I do certain steps in my routine…. And I sort of ascribe to an updated/adjusted Korean skin care routine…. So let’s get into it..

The p.m.

1. Oil cleanse…

I use this to remove make up on days that I wear… And when I have been through a very dusty and polluted environment… My favorite oil cleanser is the Yves Rocher micellar oil…DSC_0121

2. Water cleanse

I am currently enjoying the art naturals cleanser that is both sulfate free and paraben freeDSC_0124

3. Exfoliation

So I realized that my skin sheds alot and i have to keep dealing with layers of flaky skin which is why I have been reaching out for my garnier skin active deep pore cleansing scrub… I have it in two flavors.DSC_0126

4. Masking

A mask lets you treat your skin in detail so to speak. Its almost your equivalent of a deep conditioner to hair. Since I get lots of pore blocks, i use lots of clay masks… I am currently enjoying this Art Naturals dead sea mud mask that is rich in kaolin clay..DSC_0268

I am also reaching out for some hydrating masks as well… And very curious about sheet masks.

5. Toner

I have been consistently using my Art Naturals vitamin C toner that has some pretty cool ingredients… But I can’t attribute lots of success to it yet… It works in my ensemble though… I am thinking of swapping this with an exfoliating toner just to see how that works with my skin textureDSC_0125

6. Serum

This step has been a game changer in terms of moisture retention in my skin… I am using the Hyaluronic acid by Asterwood Naturals which I have been raving about on my Instagram handle.DSC_0130

7. Moisturizer

It’s the final step in my routine… And I finally got my hands on a night cream that I actually enjoy… The Loreal Revitalift pro retinol night cream… Everything about it’s consistency and its feel on the skin is amazing…DSC_0129

The a.m.

1. Cleansing

I just water cleanse my face. I found that my skin didn’t enjoy all the steps being done to it twice a day. So I just splash cold water on my face and pat dry.

2. Moisturize

I have been reaching out for my Yves Rocher antipollution day cream which is super light and convenient for daytime.

I sometimes swap this with Dr Organics tea tree moisturizer which is slightly thicker.DSC_0132

3. SPF

This is a step that I have incorporated a lot more seriously now… Because sunburns are not cool and it helps in the long run. I may have taken in a little too seriously… And gotten the Dr. C. Tuna sun lotion which has a sun protection factor of 50.DSC_0131

Other cool things

1. I don’t use eye cream yet because my eyes experience eczema from time to time… So i apply neem cream instead…

2. I use some gel masks once to twice a week to keep my hydration levels on point. My current picks are these two from Yves Rocher.DSC_0123

If you got this far… Comment below and tell me some of your favorite skin care routine steps…




2 Comments on “My 2019 skin care routine

  1. I like this post; simple but informative. Have you tried The Ordinary’s hyaluronic acid? If so, how does it compare to the one you’re using now? P.S., love your nails!


    • Heyy… Thanks for reading this post. I haven’t tried the Ordinary’s hyaluronic acid yet… This is actually my first six months using a serum. I will purpose to try it then let you know


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